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A statement that will make at least 25-50% of people shake their heads because of the commonly held modern belief that goes along the lines of

‘Everybody knows magic is not real’,

Such statements generally from the mouths of people with a strong belief and trust in ‘science’ and the scientific method and/or a belief that the universe and nature is purely mechanical and that Creation, Life and Being is some so of fluke with no meaning or purpose to it, and the reasons most people will say ‘magic’ isn’t real, is because of how magic has been presented to the masses in the modern world, which in turn has created unrealistic expectation of magic in people’s minds , which itself is quite possibly one of the most powerful ‘spells’ cast on to the human herd to stop them realising what magic actually is compared to what it has been distorted to in people’s minds.

In order to take this further though, I first to need to come up with a description of how magic is generally viewed/distorted in the modern world. One of the most common perceptions of what magic is, is generally where a person usually labelled a magician performs various tricks in front of an audience such as making things appear out of nowhere after a flick of his or her magic wand often captivating and wooing onlookers with the seemingly inexplicable. But the general core theme of magic in the modern world is the ability to conjure things out of nothing which is the reason many die hard materialists rebuke to idea of magic.

Another way magic is shown/presented in the modern world is via fiction and fairytales where often characters such as witches and wizards are able to cast magical spells over others in order to gain some sort of advantageous control over a victim or to cause destruction, the general theme of magic when it is presented along these lines being that it is a mystical tool that only ‘select’ people can use to control others by the casting of a spell, which again is why so many laugh at the idea of magic being ‘real’.

But what if these 2 ways of magic being presented to the masses is done deliberately to stop people realising what magic actually is and how it is real and the actual truth about magic is encoded in these modern perceptions?

‘Something cannot be created out of nothing’ has to be one of the most commonly repeated parroted phrases we hear today and it is a phrase that should be instantly laughed at because when people ‘speak’ such a sentence they are doing EXACTLY what they are saying cannot be done, which is creating something out of nothing, once the audible sound of those words pass the lips of the speaker they become a ‘thing’ not a touchable thing in this instance but nevertheless a ‘thing’ that can be witnessed by others and confirmed as something that was spoken, but what were those words before they became audible? What did they look like and consist of? And no matter how long you try to think of an answer to these questions there is ultimately just ithe one true answer to them, and that is ‘nothing’. Those words were nothing more than untouchable intangible thought forms existing in the world of ideas, like vibrations so to speak that were transferred into the world of matter via the vocal box of the speaker. So the simple act of speaking is just one example of something coming out of nothing and there is a wand involved too albeit when it comes to talking it’s not a magical stick but is in fact the human ‘will’, which is the ‘wand’ that turns ‘thoughts’ into manifestations and action that can be witnessed and recorded by others, without which such thoughts or action would of simply remained as untouchable intangible ideas within the minds of those who do not exercise their will/wand.

This does not just apply to the spoken word either but also applies to ALL physical acts and creations that every human being as ever undertaken, for example a modern example would be the car, what did the car exist as before it became a car?

Exactly it existed as nothing but a thought within the mind(s) of those who created it or them, which again through the human ‘will’ this time powering action or activity which turned the thought into a manifested creation. Yet again the ‘will’ was the wand that turned a nothing into a something which had it not been exercised would of left the car as images within the minds of those who thought of them.

This process of words or actions being manifestations of insubstantial invisible thoughts that precede their appearance or manifestation into the 3d world of matter, applies to EVERY single word, action, deed or creation by EVERY single human that ever existed in the entire history of our species. So if something coming out of nothing is generally viewed as being a ‘magical’ or ‘mystical’ thing, then we are ALL magicians and every single thing we do is magic in action. CC

Coming next..... How magic works in day to day life

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