What’s in it for us?

Why do we provide this platform of support? What do we get out of it?

There are these sayings ‘You can’t get something for nothing’ ‘every good deed has a price’ ...and that is entirely true.

Society is buzzing with people providing and consuming products and services and always for price or profit. It is a rare occurrence to obtain something without a cost, even the idea of “finders keepers” comes with conditions.

So when someone says ‘here take this, it’s free’, we all search for what the catch is.. don’t we?

So what’s the catch? Why does btbatb do this, why do we spend so much of our own time and resources putting together a place full of tools to help ease the struggle of thousands?

What does it cost you to receive our help and support?

Here is our price list:

-The biggest cost for you will be some loss of Ignorance.

-Then you’ll have to trade a heap of that Doubt you hold.

-There’s also a huge fee of some of your Worry you have saved.

-Perhaps a few pounds of Anxiety if you have any.

-There is also a package charge of Stress, (only yearly subscriptions available).

- extra circumstantial fees may apply

Of course, depending on how much support you take from us, will determine just how much of your struggles we’ll take away from you.

If you unsubscribe from the support, a full refund is available, all your struggles will return to you in due course, amounting in continuous hardships.

Apart from what it costs you to use our support service, we also get to reap the profits of a society that is slowly waking up to the corruption.

We get the phat pockets of satisfaction, knowing the knowledge is growing and awareness is creeping across the globe.

We get to gloat at your diminishing woes, and boast on how you have learned to do the same for others!

We selfishly take your struggles for the satisfaction of seeing you without them.

Once we have taken your struggles, we get to marvel over you taking away the struggles of others. It’s Multi Level Marketing that moves the opposite way.

Do what society does best and consume this offer ... and don’t forget to share it with the rest.


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