What do you love.???

I love so much of our world.

I love the glory of nature;

the warmth of the sun;

the crispness the air holds this very day, with the promise of autumn .

I love the view from the air.

I love people and their quirkiness; the way we can come together, forgetting differences and compassionately help one another.

How we can hold one another dear.

I love laughter, my family, friends and of course my dog, who presently is snuggled up at my legs as we take in the beauty of this morning.

I love good food, great wine.


I could go on for days about the things in this world that I love. But I wont.

But some think I'm mad, or stupid or even weak. Some just get mad at me

Am I breaking some rule by loving all of this?

Am I out of step with society ?

But then I started thinking about what I don't love.

I don't love war.


How people abuse their free will by using it to abuse and oppress others.

I hate how we hate.

I don't love division;





haves/have nots;

I don't love how we hurt one another and I don't love oppression; injustice; evil.

I don't love the infections and diseases that plague us physically, mentally, emotionally.

I don't love destruction; death.

Those are things of this world too.

So, I hope for the most part I am "loving" the right things.

Although unfortunately, I too sometimes participate in some of those things I don't love and in those moments, I don't love my actions either. (OK, maybe not "in" the moment-but after when I'm suffering from the "I can't believe I did that" hangover.)

So my hope for myself is to make me a better doer of what I love and to learn to handle the things I don't love.

My hope is go a step further and push back some of the darkness created by those unlovable things of this world; to reflect more of the beauty of the world to come.

What about you? What do you "love" and what do you "don't love"?

How could you bring more love into this world today?



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