The time has come

Well, here we are. A brand new website, new features, more security and a great place for Beat the Bailiffs and the Banks to take the next step in its evolution.

So, what is new round here? Well, this is for a start! You'll find many of our admin team, moderators and trusted members writing regular blogs covering a wide range of topics - not just debt help. We will be writing about recent news, life and health, sports, technology, finances and just about anything else we can think of! After all, Beat the Bailiffs and the banks has always been about so much more than just helping people fight their debts. We're about community, truth, knowledge, spirituality and much more!

Along with regular updates to this blog area, we are now able to offer a members area. In previous versions of our website, all our guides, templates and help have been visible to the public, but that's a thing of the past! From now on, only registered members of this site will have access to this information. This will make it much harder for bailiffs and debt collection agencies to get access to our latest templates thus giving you an even better chance of challenging them and winning!

We have also taken steps to protect all our members. It's no secret that there are groups across facebook that have been created with the sole purpose of intimidating members of BTBATB. Ultimately forcing them to either pay their debt or bury their head in the sand for fear of having posts screenshotted and posted in various hate groups.

Now we have a members only forum, complete with member profiles, off topic areas and a separate section for each help topic. It's a fresh start where our admin team can vet each and every person to be sure that they are an active member of our community. This provides you with further privacy, protection and peace of mind.

Along with the above, our site uses HTTPS meaning every time you type something, download something or submit something to us, your data is even more secure than ever before!

You may also notice some adverts around the site too. These are provided by google and other third parties based on the content of this site along with sites you have previously visited. These ads will help us fund this site along with the new features.

We have also provided a way for you to report things to us or to contact us if you need to. Using the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen, you can contact a member of our team directly to report inboxing, screenshotting and anything else you feel is inappropriate. Please don't use this feature to ask for help with your debts though. It's impossible for us to reply to the hundreds of help requests we get on a 1-2-1 basis.

We hope you enjoy using this site. The team have put a lot of work into making this a reality, and we have only done it out of love for our members.

We are expecting to find bugs and teething problems as the site is made available to you. If you find something broken, you can use the chat bubble to report it to us and we will get to work fixing it.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself signed up, head over to the new forums, say hello and make some new friends!


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