The Race of Life

It’s all a competition. Without the competition, society would be at a standstill. It is the race of life, the illusion that, to keep on earning and consuming will bring some sort of trophy. Some medal to say your a winner at life.

It’s a sad form of neglect that is bestowed on each of us from much too young of an age. In our adolescent years, when we should be playing and finding inspiration in a beautiful world, we are put into groups of ability. Sat in seats in classes, our academic grades are decided and the race is on to meet the required standards for the next level. “For the fun of it” - not no more ...even physical games are turned into sports, matches with others classes and other schools, when we should be discovering life, we instead compete with our peers in a test or in a field. To become the best or top of the class, the one with the most friends, best scores and top name shoes. Weather or not you meet the standards, your still thrown into the next level of higher education, in bigger buildings doing harder work. We are driven first by grades then by wage. Who’s doing it best, who’s got the most. Consumption, for some reason has become a part of this race that everyone seems to be in. The best holidays, the biggest weddings. What matters more is how many presents your children will open on Christmas morning. Luxury paper you glue to your walls, sofas upholstered in materials that are as valuable as gold, TVs that barely fit the walls (and do a lot more than make you cross eyed that’s for sure) so long as you spend what you earn on the latest and greatest then apparently that’s life. Is any of it really for yourself, if it’s been plastered all over an online social shelf. No, it’s all part of the game, the competition of life.

But no amount of wages, TVs or floral trimmed furnishings will give you a sense of worth. Contentment doesn’t come from sacrificing your life on a competition of consumption. Contentment will only come once you realise that your already winners and there is no competition


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