The Future of Beat the Bailiffs and the Banks

Well, here we are, behind the scenes. Building a brand new website for our members.

As this is being written, the website is half built. All the basic information is there, but it's not formatted, the images all need updating, as does the "testimonials" section.. None of the downloads work yet and we still need to check some of the templates and make any updates.

We are hoping this will be the best Beat the Bailiffs and the Banks website yet!

We're launching some brand new forums full of help, advice plus other great things too! And when we say "forums", we don't mean those things from the 90's or early 2000's. Our new members area is bang up to date with all the latest news, information, forums and other great features.

We're also (hopefully) gonna start blogging regularly, keeping you up to date with all the good stuff we've been doing here at BTBATB and covering a wide range of topics from current news, politics and spirituality, All the way through to help, advice and community announcements.


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