So, about this crisis.

The world has gone into a trance of uncertainty and catastrophic fear. A great wave of confusion currently threatens our fate. Deaths presence has never been so close, lingering over our shoulders, in our streets and across the media. No one is sure of anything. Nothing is confirmed. One thing we all know is none of us want to die or lose a loved one from some virus that may or may not be creeping through the lungs of humanity on a deliberate mission to reduce our numbers.

As i sit in the comfort of my home, striving to keep me and my family safe, i contemplate on what i'm seeing out there in the world. I can honestly say that the virus does not scare me.

What does frighten me more than anything is what this pandemic has revealed in the behaviour of humans. It's quite obvious that humanity is on the brink of forgetting itself entirely.

This is not an 'every man for himself' kind of game and people need to understand this. fighting each other over opinions and supplies is exactly what they want. Those handful of people that control the world can only do so while we are divided.

Another side to all of this though, is the wave that's coming after. The wave of realisation. People are finally starting to see through the cracks in this broken machine. They are finally seeing behind the scenes of the screens that brainwashed them. The 'busy' has been taken out of most of our days, people are having the chance to see what they really have and who they really are. People are taking the time to look at the stars, watch the wildlife and to appreciate their neighbours. The true key workers of our communities, the delivery drivers, cleaners, dustbin men, postmen, nhs staff, retail workers and many more are finally being recognised as the ones who hold it together. Not celebrities, footballers, bankers or politicians, they are a useless liability on humanity. And people everywhere can finally see.

It's important that we look out for one another. When all of this is said and done, we need to come out as a much more solid community than what we went in as. When its over, we need to unite stronger than ever, come together as one and find a way to overpower the system.

The Movement is Real. Lets make it happen


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