• Sara.

Smart Meters.

If you receive an email like this or a letter stating about changing your meters to smart ones, you have every right to refuse, they are not compulsory there is no law saying you have to have one it is just the Utility companies trying to blindside you into getting one fitted. Downsides to smart meters are more microwave radiation in your home, some people have reported an increase in headaches after fitting and there have even been cases of people saying they interfere with pacemakers. Another issue is privacy think of all that data that is being collected you are giving the energy companies access to your habits when you cook, when you bath/shower, this could in turn be used against you, prices could peak at the times they know you are using more electric. Other things to worry about is attacks anything over WiFi is open to hacking, one energy company in the Ukraine has already suffered from this leaving over 80,000 people without power for several hours. People are also finding that they they struggle with changing suppliers once they have a smart meter fitted so again Utility companies can begin to start charging higher tariffs, All in all smart meters are far from smart not for you anyway the only winners are the energy firms


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