Respectful Discussions Create Way for Common Ground

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Tough subjects with various opinions. Can you cope under the heat? Can you scroll past or switch off? Can you keep the exchange healthy, can you accept that it’s ok to disagree?

Often, you will most certainly come across topics that you may not like or agree with. You will read discussions and opinions that won’t necessarily sit with your own. Before you join in, there are few things you might want to keep in mind.

Our purpose is to raise awareness of daily corruptions. The kind of corruption that people have become use to, so much so that it is ingrained in their beliefs that there is no wrong doing, that the way they have been shown to live is the way of the truth.

It’s difficult to accept that your beliefs you’ve trusted in for much of your life, may not be all that you thought. To learn that the standard of living you worked tirelessly to achieve, has literally had you playing into the hands of your abusers. To think that you mindlessly followed orders you didn’t have to, all because you were told to. The very thought that the people you believe are protecting your rights and your home, are in fact the same people who are taking those rights away, making you struggle harder and for longer every day, for their benefit, not yours. Discovering that some methods of care that have been pushed on us for generations, may even be the cause to many rising health issues. Learning that the academy’s we send our children to by force, could be where it all started, where the conditioning began on all of us.

Tough discussions are not easy to hold. Can you be responsible of yourself and tongue. Can you respect another person for their opinion and being able to accept it - alongside your own.

That is one of the key ingredients to a stable community. Being able to accept one another along with their differences. Not letting anything not even difference of opinion to cause a divide.

Having two sides of a fence, humbly speaking their thoughts out, is how we develop new understanding, as well as knock fences down.

Its ok to debate and spectate. But it is never ok to debilitate another person, because they hear different story.

We need discussions to help merge our paths, so our society can find some common ground to share new thoughts and ideas <3


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