Powerful People

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

What is it, about one who has power? When we speak of a person ‘with power’, what is it we mean exactly? Of course we all know that we’re not talking invisibility, strength of a hundred men, or the means to fly without wings, no. We mean people who are perhaps popular or in the public eye, often they are wealthy or hold a certain position of authority. But what is this power, where does it come from, how does it work, what does it do exactly and why do these people have it and others don’t. When we say they are a powerful person, it’s because that when they address the public, people listen and obey. A powerful person can say - and the people will do. Someone with power can make business/political decisions and people accept them. Powerful people tell us what, but we don’t ever question why...? Why is it that someone with power can say jump, and we’re only required to inquire, just how high would be sufficient for them?

What is the difference between you and a powerful person? I don’t mean their occupation, their bank balance or their rank in authority. I mean them, as a person stood before you, with no body else around. What is different from you to them that makes them powerful ... it’s nothing other than the fact that you see them as powerful.

They are just the same as you and me, the only thing that is gives them a certain power over you ...is you, for seeing them as so.

Powerful people get there power from anyone and everyone who believes that they are powerful. Without our belief, they are just another person. Quite similar to a bully who is head of a gang. He is only fearsome because of those who allow it and those who believe that they are something to be feared. Often, a bully’s gang can get larger until it forms a government for instance. But just occasionally, the bullied or the powerless can also become quite substantial in numbers. So can I please ask ....when will the powerless take back, what the powerful takes from them? And who exactly are the real powerful people?


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