Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Our streets are painted with Poverty. Doorways and allyways are lined with sleeping bags and homelessness. Belongings stacked in heaps beside tents ...for the lucky ones that is. Families are hungry. Homes are cold. Not enough money for beds or clothes. The elderly and disabled are isolated and scared. The sound of begging is louder than the traffic. The poverty is so strong you can taste the devide in the air.

Seen as a problem, much like the plague, poverty must be wiped out, the streets swept ...debts paid.

Poverty is a huge problem because apparantly, those that have nothing are costing those that have everything, too much...?? How can we cost you something we never have?? ...It's ludicrous when you step back and see just how twisted that view really is.

Nevertheless we all completely agree, Poverty should be no more so what do you propose? 'Well, we punish the poor for being poor, of course! That will show them the way'

...You mean, much how you'd whip the cattle, until it goes through the right gate?

Does it work? Are all these limits, restrictions and sanctions teaching us a lesson not to be poor anymore...? No. The only thing changing after years of auserity, is the poor are becoming more ...and all are becoming more poor.

I think its safe to suggest that the abuse of the poor need not continue, since it's been established that their pockets are bare, therefore cannot fund the life stlye of the wealthy, no more than the wealthy can fund themselves.

Just how many more ill or poorly nurished people will it take to prove? How many more food banks or child service referfals will it take to see, that poverty is not ending under this gluttony of the creed.

No point in a vote to change a system when all the candidates dine at the same discounted tables. A vote against them is still one for them, they own all the avenues, they are in control, yet it is the poor mans fault, that poverty takes his soul. Whose fault is poverty? Who should we really scorn?


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