Let’s move mountains

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

This will probably be nothing like a blogg should be ... But I’m honored to be able to write this here in this place. Hopefully, as our community grows, more people will begin to see why this is probably the most important place you will ever know. I’m here because i believe in the importance of coming together. We live in a time of great immoral struggle. Unless we form a growing community and help people understand the route cause of our struggles, to teach people the skills and confidence to break free and pass the knowledge on ... all our freedoms will eventually disappear.

For too long, society has crippled under the same shoe we have all be shining with every ounce of our energy. And why? The illusion tells you it’s so you can get a home, a job, a status of model citizen. But so easy is it to do your best, work your hardest yet still hit rock bottom. This is why we are here.

We want to start moving this monster of control off our backs, and learn that our freedom was never theirs to take. But in order to make this movement count, it’s going to take some collective effort, from whoever has gotten tired of the struggle.

An elderly gentleman once approached me, he told me how the world has changed for the worse and he has lived his life in sadness watching it happen, but he also envisions a group of people who are going to make changes across our landscapes and soon people will be free and have reason to love the world again..

Make this place be the start of those changes and for people to struggle no more 💜


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