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Legal Lies

We are always told that honesty is the best policy. But did you know that you are legally lied to every single day by the state, by companies and individuals? This post may appear to be a little funny, but it reveals how these lies are told and what you are forced to believe as a result.

By using clever language companies can make you believe just about anything. Take a look at these 2 pictures...

Looks quite normal doesn't it? "No artificial colours or flavours. Not only that, but suitable for vegetarians too! Not bad.

But one of those statements must be a lie!

We are looking at a pack of crisps that are bacon flavour. They have no artificial flavours, but are suitable for people that don't eat meat.... Well how does that work? Either the flavouring is artificial or these crispy snacks aren't actually suitable for our veggie friends. One of these statements is a legal lie.

When you see a food item on the shelves of you local shop, it will either contain the word "flavour" or the word "flavoured" and these words mean very different things.

The word "flavour" simply means "the flavour of." It doesn't mean that the product in question actually contains any of the ingredient named on the package. However, the word "flavoured" mean "flavoured with" and that item must contain the ingredient it is flavoured with.

This might seem trivial, but in reality, these bacon flavour snacks MUST contain artificial flavourings. Why? Because they are bacon flavour - not bacon flavoured.

This is an every day example of a legal lie. We all see it every time we do our shopping and yet none of us have thought to ask the question.

We are lied to every single day by companies, banks, MPs and politicians. They all use language that some court has decided is ok (regardless of how misleading it is.) Is this fair? No. Is this right? No.

Legal lies are a way for companies to mislead you and take your hard earned money while they give you as little as possible.

The moral of this post is quite simple. Don't buy into the bull that the system throws at you. Ask questions, analyse everything and think for yourself. Don't be misled by corporations who's only aim is to milk you for everything they can from the moment you're born to the moment you're put in your box.


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