I thought wrong

I thought I was alone

I thought no one would care

I thought I had failed

I thought I didn’t deserve help

I thought I’d have to get out of it alone

I thought I was finished

I thought everyone would be better off without me

I thought I’d never make it

I thought running away was all I could do

I thought hiding would help

I thought I was just an embarrassment

I thought I was a hindrance and a scrounge

I thought it would all be better if I just wasn’t there

I thought if I disappear it will all go away

I thought I was lost

I thought I would never find a way

But then I heard someone say they could help me... told me I could learn a different way!

Then I knew I wasn’t alone

I knew there are thousands that do care, we’d all failed but none of us were failures and every single one of us deserve the help.

No one has to get out of it alone and we are far from finished.

Better off without?? No way, everything is better off together and that is how we are all going to make it.

Running and hiding Is only for the bullying bailiffs and the thieving bankers, we are fighting them together as one.

The only embarrassment to our society are those that make us think any of the above, they are the scrounges they are a hinderance on us.

It certainly would be better without them there, if they disappear, our pain will go away.

No one is lost if you have found us.

Let us all learn a new way...


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