So following on from my rambling about , the next stage would be to look how this so called magic works in day to day life and in order to do that it will be best to take another look at the distorted perception of magic mentioned previously where it is used to control people to do the bidding of whoever is casting the magic.

Now again people will be thinking that kind of stuff does not happen in real life, saying ‘abracadabra’ to a door is not going to make it open on its own, nor will bubbling stuff up in cauldrons while reciting words put curses on people, all that stuff I suggest is nothing more than the over exaggeration/dramatisation of something more simple designed to stop people seeing the actual simplicity of life and being.

So how do spells work in day to day life then?

The answer to that is to simply think back to your formative years in education, as young children we were taught something called the ‘alphabet’ which consists of 26 letters, these 26 ‘letters’ in various combinations when joined together make ‘words’ and periodically we would be given tests by our educators to test our ability at combining these letters in the correct sequence in order to make ‘words’. Now given that the core theme of this task was to combine these letters it would be reasonable to think of it as a ‘letters test’, but I for one do not ever remember having a ‘letters’ test at school, sure we said the names of these ‘letters’ when reciting them as the alphabet, but when it came to combining them into words it was always called a ‘spelling’ test! Essentially in order to make words we had to cast ‘spells’ while at the same time ‘spells’ were presented as something that witches and wizards cast and consisted of a combination of multiple words, but as kids it was something our minds would not have had the capacity to question. Do spells make words or do words make spells? But I digress a little there.

So now that we have established that words are made of spells it is not to unreasonable to make the statement that ‘every time we speak we are casting spells’, now as to whether these spells we cast are effective or not is a completely different discussion which essentially boils down each individual and/or collective of individuals, trust and belief.

If I was to get a gang of heavies and go from door to door demanding with threats of violence, imprisonment and fines if you do not hand me over £200.00 a year to watch the TV that you bought, I might get away with imposing this for a while, but eventually resistance would begin to fester as more and more people felt pissed off and angry at such tyrannical behaviour and eventually people would break and use force to put a stop to my behaviours. However if I was to spell some letters on to papyrus in which it says that you must pay me £200.00 a year to use your TV failure of which will lead to imprisonment or fines then declare this extortion ‘law’ if enough people believe it and accept it, then there is no need to make physical demands and it would be fair to say that all those who accept and obey such an edict have fallen under its spell. This also explains why the pen is mightier than the sword.

Now this was just one example of a spell but it applies across ALL areas of life and how we are affected by ‘spells’ if more often than not down to a combination of our beliefs and natures which themselves vary uniquely from individual to individual, which also kind of explains why the state wants to get into the head of our children as early as possible, because if they can program the belief systems from a young age, they become much more obedient and easier to control as adults, religion has been and is guilty of the same, but in the modern world however ‘statutes’ and ‘acts’ are the primary wands for casting spells on whole populations of people which thanks to their childhood indoctrination programmes by-passes their conscience and sense of right and wrong and lands head first straight into the ‘acceptance’ pool without question, and this is how a small group of people are able to control billions!

So what’s this rant about magic got to do with beat the bailiffs and the banks?

Well aside from being at the eviction that spawned btbatb, to put it simply, it’s the money spell and how it has been used to enslave nations and individuals the world over and is the modern tool of enslavement and hope to be able to use my understanding to bring awareness of how it operates to others.

My personal interests and background are ancient civilizations& cultures, mythologies, politics, psychology and sociology which all eventually lead me to the occult, that is to say not the occult in the dark black magic witchcraft kind of way people perceive it but in term of what it’s actual literal meaning is which is ‘hidden’ or ‘to hide’ and it is through ‘occult’ means and methods that the world is run and all I simply wish to do is ‘de-occult’ as much of it as possible so people can become more resistant to the spells cast on them as they journey through this life and existence which to put it bluntly is a crazy beautiful joke.

Peace Out


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