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Get the btbatb app!!

You can now access our website through an easy to use mobile app. There are so many awesome features. You can create posts in our forums, you can join discussions, have a laugh and even create and admin groups of your own in our btbatb community, without the worry of restrictions which we face on other social platforms.

We are no longer piggy-backing off of Facebook and its ridiculous community standards. We are transitioning over to a network of our very own where we can progress and grow bigger and stronger than any other support network known across the world.

But we need your support! We need our community to make the best of our website. Over time you will be recognised for your contributions to our community.

We will also be holding events and competitions to win gifts.

None of what we do here will be possible without our members. The more you take part in helping us grow, the bigger btbatb will become.

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Hi, Yes, if you click the settings cog in your group (top right) then click edit, you should be able to add a pic


Hi. Is there a way to add a picture to my groups cover page because I didn't see that option. Thank You kindly.

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