Explore With Us

Our new site isn’t your average basic internet site with a few information pages to look at and fall asleep to while you read them.

Here we have platform made up of topic sections where you can come and learn about all kinds of processes we take. There are so many different forums for different discussions.

You can even create your own post and Invite members to join you in a healthy chat about topics that mean something to you.

We have admin who will upload regular blogs to keep everyone updated with website news and btbatb stories.

We don’t want our members to visit our website just once or or twice and never return, absolutely not. We want this to be your go to place morning and night. Whatever it is that’s bothering you, whatever you need to talk about, we want this to be the place where it all happens.

Just like your social media sites where all your digital friends gather, this website can do nearly all the things they can and better still, all the digital friends you have here, are here for the same reasons and share a common interest of wanting to fight the corruption.

Not only is this a great place for us all to discuss ideas and share information to help each other, but all the tools you need are just a click away.

There are help pages with all the information, templates and instructions you could ever need.

Usually when searching for help with debt, people land on mundane government backed sites that literally have you crying for hole to swallow you up, for the garbage they spout about payment plans and rectifying credit scores.

But for the lucky ones who land here at btbatb, it becomes a wonderful adventure for them. Visiting once isn’t just unacceptable, it’s actually impossible. With so much going on here, you’re guaranteed to find something for you.

You can learn about history of debt and how society has been practically held captive by it. You can learn about the companies that lend and the ones that collect. You can start to understand the failings of this system and how you are being used by these companies to further their profits.

Knowledge is not all you will gain here, but once you have become more wise to the ways, you will start to see your confidence grow. You’ll find the strength to fight back and soon develop the passion to pass all this forward.

Posting in public is no longer a worry. Our website is safe and secure. We work day and night keep a watch over for all. So unlike Facebook, Trolls do not get a look here, they are powerless against us. That is why this website is where our strength will truly grow. Because here we are not moving on borrowed ground, this is our ground.

And this movement is real 💜

Lets make this, the place to be.


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