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Enough is enough

Join this tiktok live to find out how we are coming together to solve this crisis ourselves. We the people are doing this. NFPNRG

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Energy crisis solved

Join this tiktok live now to find out how we are coming together to solve this energy crisis. Or visit

Energy and the Cost of Living

Let’s talk about energy and the cost of living crisis and how we as a nation could come together to fix this. Join now NFPNRG


I'm Beef, I live in the Hull area, and looking for help from likeminded people. I have withheld my Council Tax for the past 2 years (internet tutored) I'm winging it and would like to increase my legal and procedure knowledge, so's I can help myself and others in my community. I'm also fighting Yorkshire water, who during Covid took me to a 'bogus' telephone Court Hearing! This 'Court' went through all the process of introductions of the cast, I was sworn in etc. At the end the [Judge?] ruled against me! I then asked the [Judge?] if she was 'acting under her oath as a judge?'. And was told I was 'in contempt of court!' I asked again, but thi…


Hi, is this applicable in Italy? And other country like Philippines Or just in UK?


i need te template for te bank as im in debt to

£2000 but also ave a mort ae of 99000

i need elp


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