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Energy and the Cost of Living

Let’s talk about energy and the cost of living crisis and how we as a nation could come together to fix this. Join now NFPNRG

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Enough is enough

Join this tiktok live to find out how we are coming together to solve this crisis ourselves. We the people are doing this. NFPNRG

Energy crisis solved

Join this tiktok live now to find out how we are coming together to solve this energy crisis. Or visit


If everyone collectively just refused to pay and stop their direct debits, it would hit these big companies were it hurts. I understand however this is not possible for everyone having pre-payment or smart meters.


If you look on So Energy's website it says they operate as a Credit Broker, so this must mean all of the energy suppliers are also operating as a credit broker. So if this is the case their has to be a signed credit agreement in place between the creditor and the debtor under section 61 of the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 if no agreement has been signed in six months all sums paid under section 155 of the same legislation minus £5 for brokerage fee's must be refunded


We are being ripped off😢

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Yes we are, the energy companies do not buy any gas or electric on the wholesale market. They are purely billing agents licenced by Ofgem and the government to fleece us of our hard earned money

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