Dreams shaped for society

I remember in my youthful years, pondering on what I wanted my life to be. It’s kind of crazy to see how early our precious minds are brainwashed into thinking a certain way.

After the dreams of becoming a fairy princess, or a dragon queen had faded away ... this is when ordered dreams started to set in. Suddenly it was to get top marks in school, to stand in line and achieve an academic status. Our dreams became a fight to fit in, rather than a love to stand out.

We wanted to be liked and preferably popular.

From school, these so called dreams turned in to a fight to earn. Get a job and earn a wage, and pay our way, all before we even know the value of the paper we use to represent who we are and where on the ladder we try to cling to. But this is a dream dependent on your role and occupation, how tough or dirty you want business to be. The dirtier you play in the neatest office, or the more humble you are behind a till, that’s the fate of your income and the value of your will.

But earning isn’t enough of a dream. Spending too, seems to be hobby everyone wants to deem. What ever level of spending you got, shows people the lifestyle and catalogue trophies best suited to who you think you are.

It has become part of the human process, to earn, to spend, to borrow so you can spend some more, then lend some too, just so you can take it back again. It’s an endless cycle that barely leaves any room to raise a family, but don’t worry, they still do, during this pit of consuming madness, that has become the epitome of human existence. Hence the incoming generations who have no clue in what a dream really is because dreams have all lost their value under the weight of debt and consumption and the craziness of what dreams are missing out on because our minds have nothing pure to focus on.

We base our possibilities on a digital score on a screen, a score that changes regularly, known as a check of credit, which tells the world about all our debts and debits.

Step out the race called life, and take yourself down a slow stream, let the calm silence be filled with only you, let the flows of who you really are flood through. Let your dreams come from the quiet of your heart with out the interference of society.

Do you know who you are, without the things you work to buy? Do you know who you could strive to be without a credit check to see?

What were your dreams before they were shaped for a certain reality?


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