Do nothing, and nothing will change!

Its such a cliché saying isn't it? Sometimes rather cheesy, and I think that it has now kind of lost its powerful meaning over the years.

However its still as relevant now, as it was years ago.

Why? Well, take a look around us every single day. We get up, we may read the paper, we may watch the news or we may go on BTBATB. It doesn't take long for you to see through these mediums that someone or something is being handed a great big injustice, due to the government or companies that literally take the piss and get away with it.

For example, there's currently a video going around at the moment of what I believe is a doctor who couldn't help but rant about Theresa Mays' plans to prevent 'unskilled migrants' from entering the country. Unskilled; she reportedly defined as 'working or applying to work in a profession that pays less than £50k a year'.

Now there are some debates how genuine and correct this statement is; and I'm not here to debate that.... what I'm here to announce to you guys is that upon that video there were over 6k comments which a majority of them had the same feeling "This is disgusting, thank you for speaking out" and "thank you for doing such a great job" and "this government are shit, and Theresa May is a knob-jockey cock-muncher".

-A round of applause and a wipe of a tear for the solidarity my friends -

So why does this bug me so much?

Because I checked out some of the people who wrote these type of comments, and low and behold a large majority - according to their facebook posts - are quite proud voters for the conservative party during the last general election. They are quite active and proud to hate Muslims and close the borders. They are quite forward with bashing those who were on benefit street, or Can't pay blah blah....

These people wave at you, then stab you in the back whilst smiling.

So what can we do? Well if we do nothing, nothing will change.

I am a firm believer that change happens when you have strength in numbers. Its ok asking 10 people to boycott Primark because of where their clothes are made... Primark couldn't give a shite if 10 people are angry..... but imagine who damaging it would be to them if 50,000 people boycotted them... 1 million people boycotting them? Primark would be silencing those with a jumper gagged around their mouths (which they made in a sweat shop in Taiwan). It doesn't have to be Primark, it could be anything...….

- BP/Shell - and im talking on a massive scale


- TV licence

- Parking companies

- Dartford crossing

- Central London

Anything that is unjustified, and you can get enough people to agree its unjustified, really can make a difference and make changes...….

And thats why I ask you folks that if you want to make a difference, or a change.... you dont have to be leader, but you can help make that difference anyway. Its got me thinking a little bit.... and coming up in my next blog, I'll share some of my ideas with you...….

until then, keep safe and thanks for reading

much love




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