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Creating groups using a PC or laptop -Tutorial

One great feature of our new website is for you to create and manage your own groups. This tutorial shows how you create a group, make a post and add members using a PC.


To see how to create a group using the wix app or your mobile phone, click here


You can create a group about anything you like, it doesn't have to be about beating the bailiffs and the banks. You can make a group about your hobby, music, news, food, politics, the possibilities are literally endless. We don't monitor or approve groups and trust our members not to post anything offensive, indecent or illegal.

1, To create a group, click on groups in the site menu then click on +Create Group

2, After clicking the +Create Group button, you'll see a pop-up style window asking you to "Create Your Group" by providing a cover image, a group name and finally, your groups privacy setting.



There are 3 privacy options;

the first is public. it shows your group to both members and non-members. This includes anyone who visits the website, regardless of whether they are logged in or not.

the second option is "Private". This allows your group to show up in the groups list, but only members can see posts, make posts or comment. Non-members can request to join but require admin approval.

The Third option is "Secret" and is invitation only. Your group is not visible in the groups listing and people can't find it by searching. the only way to become a member and see the group is if you have been approved by a group admin.

Fill in the necessary information and click on continue.

After a few seconds, that's it! Your group has been created. You can now make posts, add your friends and other members, share photos, videos and more!

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Oct 11, 2020

The groups are an amazing tool to help make your experience here more personal to your needs and interests, being able to create and join groups is my favourite part of this website

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