Community Without Divide

If two people try to manage and work a farm alone for an entire community, work would be impossibly tough, the load would be too plenty to heave, crops would fall, maintenance would build, the stock would simply run a mock. The community would undoubtedly suffer.

But, if a whole community was to work together to manage and work the farm for all would be a breeze, the load would be light to carry, crops would thrive, the stock, easy to round up and care for. With a whole communtiy working together, efforts, skills and knowledge can be shared, an array of ideas being heard means progression and development all the way to harvest.

When the true idea of community is fully exercised and put into practice, there is no limits to what can be achieved. A collection of energies full of different passions and ideas. It could bring for a community, what is at present, only the stuff of untold mysteries.

The idea of community and love for our neighbour has slowly withered over time and at an alarming rate you'll soon see. If you just take a moment to remenice on your own childhood community in which you were raised, compare it to the community you live in today. It is almost as though you had grown up on another planet, not just another decade.

Doors are rarely left unlocked. Families no longer gather to play in the streets. Elderly residents who have no visitors, no one seems to check on them anymore. Even shops today are losing the personal touch, theres no talk of 'hows your mother' or even the weather. Its all self service, whats your brand and health and safety policies.

It is no accident that we're all slowly alienating ourselves from one another, it's no shock that knowing the name of everyone in your street is now a thing of the past. It's all part of the plan, the plot to force devide.

The separation of as many individuals is'nt the result of the plan, but it is the fuel that keeps it all in motion. The system that sucks eveything labled as wealth, from the poorest upwards to the richest, can only continue whilst the people blindly believe that they are competeing against each other for a higher position further up the suction funnel, a place nearer to richer. A step up over others to put them anywhere below.

But there is no room for us all at the top. Those with the pocket of wealth aren't going to make a place on their pirch for us all, are they...? It think the plan is more likely to be that we are all somehow lost along the way. Which is a much more believable view over that of the wealth being shared equally ammongst all the people.

Without the poor there would be no one to man the funnel that feeds the rich. Without the poor there would be no one to utilise and abuse the net of consumption, no one to swallow the pills or buy the sofas or lose all comon sense to the programming of tv. no one to become debted to the price of living, no one left to put another penny in the richest mans pot...

Of course we all love our nearest and dearest. We'd do anything for our friends,relatives and even some of our neighbours. But like it or not, we are each chained to an ore, and powering the same boat.

One by one we fall, but still we just look forward, keep on rowing, never help or stop to think ...Fear of status, fear of time, fear of anything other than free thought. To row for the machine is the new modern instinct, rather than to care for others of your species.

Divided by race, colour, apperance, post code, academia, gender, occupation, sexual preference, physical abilities, popularity, religion, wealth... all of this and more are ways used to devide communities. Devide individuals from their differences. Dividing people limits the possibilites of progression within the lower end of the funnel.

If the people were to come together with their differences, listening to others ideas, learning the struggles and sharing solutions, that will create the spark needed for the movement that could one day be real... The movement that sees people like you and me united together to show a stand of no more tolerance against our aggressors, who try to take our souls ... Lets Crash this devide and make this movement real ;)


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