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I just want to share a few examples of the censorship that i have received at the hands (fingers) of Facebook. Most people who know me, know that i conduct myself honorably and try to put things across without reverting to name calling. My posts maybe slightly controversial but no more so than other people whose posts don't get the same level of censorship.

I have blocked 1000s of fact checkers from my profile but more still lurk.

My main profile has been disabled (2 months ago) by facebook and the main BTBATB is still disabled disabled pending review.


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Jun 25, 2021


Apr 02, 2021


we run a platform with real stories for real people and i love what BTBATB stands for, as they have helped me a lot over the years with debt advice after my husband died. Yes social media are 100% filtering content, we have had lots of our content removed!! keep up the great work


Facebook independant fact checking is a load of utter bullshit they don't fact check anything, it's bots that catch onto a few words and if you do something a few times then you get an actual person following your every move, so if you're a good boy and praise the warmongering efforts of the US & UK governments they'll let you carry on but heaven help you if you're trying to stop the Oligarchs and their super rich mates from trampling the rest of us down. You keep on keeping on Chris and don't let the bastards grind you down xx


It’s so bad! Not that it’s on the same level but I’ve been banned from market place for selling my own (clearly stated) genuine preowned items (with receipts and proof of purchases) and they won’t respond to me at all! They said I’ve infringed other peoples IP which I know 100% (with 20 years of IP knowledge) have not as I own the items that I was selling on. For example I can buy a Samsung phone and sell it on marketplace as a preowned genuine Samsung phone and it does not infringe IP rights but certain brands you get banned for infringing IP rights. Fakebook censor what they benefit from not what is correct! Fakebook needs to be stoppe…

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