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Beat The Bailiffs and the Banks Banned By Facebook

So the time eventually came, BTBATB has been removed by facebook. And while we have appealed this decision, we fear that facebook have seen it fit to call time on our community.

However, we won't be beaten and we will not stop. We have been too successful..

So this is our garden of eden... Our new beginning, Censor free and no false news claims or zuckerberg interference..

It is what you make it

is what you make it

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I'm new to this but was on the Facebook group, I need some help with a SAR but as I'm new to this, I dont have a clue where to find anything or how to post for help, if anyone can help me please


@tadoyle It's a shame you feel that way. Facebook has got it in for our group and the work we do, so we've had no option but to look at alternatives. We're working tirelessly on these forums to help as many people as possible... But we also encourage people to help eachother and themselves. Knowledge is power. Sending letters without understanding what or why is not good. Education and empowerment is why beat the bailiffs and the banks was originally set up. If you spend some time in our forums, being helped, and helping others, this community is sure to thrive X


Pleased youre still here - although I felt it more supportive when on facebook, now I feel its more a case of find the information yourself from the groups previous chats/files :(

Maybe I'm wrong - just how it feels to me.


Glad to see our community is going strong and the help is still there

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