A war on Law

So there are these rules we’re all supposed to follow. We don’t know why, or recall being asked to agree, or remember signing up to anything. All we know is that throughout our lives, we have been told “it’s because we have to, it’s the law”

We have to go to school because it’s the law. We have to wait until we reach a certain age to do certain things because it’s the law. We have to drive on this side, and never park in that spot because it’s the law.

We must have documents to prove who we are and even that we own a car. Documents to prove what we’ve done and where we’ve been. No documents will have you deemed as someone who doesn’t follow, who is a breaker of rules.

We have to sacrifice hours of time to work to earn to pay the tax we owe, because the law says so.

If you have satisfactory reasons for being unfit for requirements, don’t worry, they document that too, put you in a class that’s lower than the rest, but every now and then will bring you to test, hoping to stick you back with the rest. This is law, we’re told is best.

We can’t grow or sell our own food, not permitted to make or sell our own trade unless the law agrees. We are forbidden from finding some land on which to build, because the land is already owned and I hear that so are trees.

Did Mother Nature sign over the deeds. No I don’t think she did, so why does anyone own the land that belongs to us all, yet here we sit following these rules.

Do we really need to be told what is right? Can you honestly say that you won’t know what to do for the best, without a law to guide us?

Humanity doesn’t comes from rules in a book. As humans we get a head start, the humanity is between each of us and in our hearts.

Look at how we continue to suffer, even under the laws that are supposed to offer a better life than we could ever mange, if we broke the chains that will apparently lead to carnage.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that’s true. No one wants to hurt or steal. It is only this law that keeps a tight clasp on controlling our lives, our income, our health and especially our divides of class.

The law is the creator of all that is wrong, but has everyone convinced it’s right.

It’s time to ditch our trust in the law, and try something, never done before.

Take control from the few and let the people have a view. We may still be a long way from utopia, but if we start now and get the ball rolling, give our children something to make them proud. Let’s make their generation, the one who’s parents fought the battle of time, let their children pass on stories of how their parents won against the demons that controlled history.

The law is what creates the suffering, it’s time to end this war.


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