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At Beat the bailiffs and the banks, we can help you write off up to 100% of your unsecured personal debt. Loans, Credit card debts, Bailiff Fees and Fines, Collection Agencies, Parking Fines and PCN's plus much more. 

We can also help you reclaim unfair Bank Charges, Payday Loans, PPI and show you how you can legally avoid paying the TV Licence fee.


Join Our forums to get help to deal with your debts or check out our knowledge base to discover ways you can help yourself to Get out of debt for Free. You don't need stepchange, you don't need an IVA nor do you need a DRO. Let us show you the alternative way.



We provide alternative debt resolution, and help you reclaim bank charges and PPI, deal with bailiffs, remove collection fee’s, reclaim Payday loans or, in some cases, set up affordable payment plans, as well as providing help through online forums and giving frontline eviction response.

  • 100% Free Forever

  • Impartial Advice

  • No Corporate Ties

  • 100,000+ Members

  • Complete Transparency

Previously I would have paid the bailiffs but thanks to this group I lost the fear and now my debt has been reduced by half. All thanks to Beat the Bailiffs and the Banks



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“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther

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